Importance of High-Quality Training for Caregivers of Older Adults

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Posted: October 31, 2022

After months of research and dozens of conversations with family and friends, you’ve finally arrived at a decision. You have decided it’s best for your aging loved one to stay in the home they love and have lived in for years. It is where they feel most comfortable, have their routines, and can maintain as much independence as they can for as long as possible. Armed with a list of in-home care service providers for older adults, you start reviewing websites and making phone calls to find the perfect fit for your loved one’s unique needs. But in your search for the perfect fit, have you considered the importance of the level of training and mentoring a potential caregiver has received?

While there is a minimum standard of training all caregivers must meet, Rhythms Home Care understands the importance of high-quality training for caregivers and how it positively impacts older adults and their families. Our training approach not only supports older adults and their families, but it supports our care partners as well. When caregivers feel valued and supported, it shows in the quality of care they can provide. Deeper relationships are formed, and more focus can be placed on what is most important, you and your family.

A Hybrid Training Approach For Caregivers

Rhythms Home Care takes a holistic, hybrid approach to training our care partners. Our caregivers not only receive dementia training on Relias, which is the leading online training platform for senior care, but they also receive in-person training. The foundational 8-hour Rhythms Dementia course is followed by monthly dementia education to maintain a competent and highly skilled care team.

By providing both online and in-person training, our care partners get the best of both worlds in terms of training. While our online Relias training allows for additional flexibility for continuing education, we understand that caregiving is centered around a human element we believe is best learned in-person. Our in-person training provides our caregivers an environment where they can learn from each other, and how to interact in different settings allowing for a deeper level of compassion and understanding in their roles. Our hybrid training approach enhances the effectiveness and application of knowledge for person-centered care.

Mentorship Program

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Every new care partner at Rhythms Home Care is assigned a mentor for a full year. This helps our care partners feel confident and supported and ensures they develop the necessary skills to be successful in their roles. Caregiver mentoring is important for a variety of reasons. New caregivers often have to take in a lot of new information all at once. However, by having a mentor we ensure that our caregivers always have someone to reach out to with questions who can provide experience-based guidance.

A mentorship program also acts as a sort of a roadmap where our mentors can identify gaps or areas that have opportunities for improvement. These can then be used to develop a training plan for our caregivers. Mentoring also helps create stronger relationships and decreases employee turnover ensuring your loved one has more long-term consistency with the caregivers they are used to seeing.

For Caregivers, One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not necessarily fit all. The Rhythms process starts with our Rhythms of My Life interview. This is where we invite each person and their family to participate so that we may get to know your loved one and their needs better. Based on the interview, a customized support plan that focuses on creating comfort, knowing personal triggers, desired lifestyle and what brings your loved one joy is created.

Everyone has unique needs and preferences, interests, and gifts. To ensure that your loved one receives the high-quality care they deserve in line with their personal care plan, our caregivers receive on-going monthly training on subjects that are tailored to their unique needs. Ensuring that our caregivers receive the highest level of training, translates into the quality of care your loved one deserves. If you are ready to learn more about the Rhythms difference, we welcome you to contact us, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rewarding Careers With Growth Potential

Rhythms Home Care is not only committed to providing support for our clients, but for our care partners as well. We do this by instilling confidence and helping our caregivers grow professionally through our training and mentoring programs.

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Everyone has their strengths and areas that are opportunities for improvement. This is why our caregivers receive on-going monthly training and annual competencies that help ensure they are being set up to succeed and excel in their career.

A career as a care partner at Rhythms Home Care has endless rewards, from making an impact in someone’s life to opportunities for career growth. If you are a caring and compassionate individual who wants to make a difference in the life of an older adult, we welcome you to apply to our current open positions.


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