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Posted: August 12, 2020

By: Julie Crozier, Business Development Marketing Manager

There comes a time in life when you notice a shift in the quality of life for your parent, partner or older adult in your life and it might be time to have a conversation about in-home care.

The change may be the result of physical limitations, memory loss or a drop in emotional well-being, often times caused by isolation. Under the COVID 19 restrictions we are currently living in, this feeling of isolation and possibly fear can be heightened. Perhaps you have noticed a cognitive decline, or a decrease in personal care. Are they remembering to take their medications? In addition, if they have a medical procedure scheduled, they may need extra help when they come back home. No matter what the reason is for the drop in their quality of life, the one thing for certain is you want to help – but where do you start? Life does not prepare us for this conversation and finding the right words or knowing the right time to talk is not easy.

Having the Conversation

It is important to respect and honor your loved one’s ability to make this decision with you. Listen to how they define what they perceive as “a quality life” – to help them continue to live in their own home and do the things that bring them joy. Once this is defined, ask how you can partner with them to make their wishes a reality. If other family members are involved, your parent or partner needs to make their wishes known to all and gain everyone’s support. Set aside a time that works for everyone, and talk frequently. If not everyone is able to meet in person, plan ahead to include them electronically. Having these discussions over a period of time will give your loved one a sense of control, and peace of mind regarding their future. Knowing that the decision does not have to be made right away gives everyone time to explore all options. Waiting until there is a crises, health or financial, would create more stress and less choices for them.

How Rhythms Can Help

Whether together you are considering a senior living community or staying in their own home, it is important to allow them to maintain a sense of control and dignity. Often times, it is easier to introduce change within a familiar setting. Utilizing supportive services such as Rhythms Home Care puts them in control of their environment at home, and their personalized care. Rhythms Home Care has a highly trained team, dedicated to helping those living in their own home with additional support services for a successful life, by their own definition. It is important to remember that you don’t have to do it all. Caregiver burnout is all too common. Having a partner like Rhythms share in some of the care can help. Learn more about our services here.

Expertise During This Important Time

We have all seen the news reports that COVID 19 is especially difficult on the vulnerable older adult population. Reducing the risks by staying in their own home for care is an important consideration at this time. Rhythms Home Care is following all current Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) guidelines, as well as state and local government and health department guidelines. We have specific procedures in place regarding prevention and containment, including proper disinfection before entering and after leaving a client’s home. See our latest COVID 19 updates here.

As you start to have this conversation with your loved one, be patient and listen to their concerns. Talk often. There is no question that there is a variety of senior care options out there. When it comes to adult in home care, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what the best solution is for you or your loved one. For more information on knowing where to begin, click here.

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