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Posted: July 15, 2024

Guided by Our Mission

Similar to many other senior home care communities that are services of Christian Living Communities (CLC), Rhythms Home Care is guided by our mission: We enrich the quality and dignity of life for older adults through services and care that reflect Christian love, respect, and compassion towards each individual.

In order to adhere to this mission, the policies, procedures, rules and regulations are designed to keep our home care organization and team members focused and aligned on promoting the vision. As is typical in any organization, sometimes the “how” of our day-to-day operational activities – those policies and procedures – can eclipse the “why” of our work – and mission.

Every so often, it’s vital to think outside of the box, remind ourselves of the “why,” and think back to the bigger picture in order to be true partners in care with our clients.

Navigating New Challenges

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Like any business or organization, it is wise to have plans in place that account for contingencies and sudden changes in the needs of clients or team members.

At Rhythms Home Care, any time a client has a change in condition, the team advocates for them to make sure they have all their needs met. The team at Rhythms Home Care is in constant communication with appropriate staff members at Legacy communities, notifying them of any client changes in condition or needs.

Further, Rhythms Home Care provides special, in-home dementia/Alzheimers support as a way to help maintain an environment where each senior can navigate their world successfully. The approach that is taken to memory care at Rhythms Home Care is rooted in the belief that sometimes, being at home in familiar surroundings can be beneficial to older adults living with dementia and Alzheimers in the early stages of cognitive and memory changes.

Communication with the extensive caregiver team and the in-home support provided through memory care services are just two examples that the community at Rhythms Home Care

Staying Informed at Rhythms Home Care

Not only is communication vital with members and vendors outside of the Rhythms Home Care community, but also within the community itself. Any time a client’s needs increase, the internal team meets to adjust staff training and overall care plans to reflect the changes.

The leadership team is also committed to open communication with clients, family members, and staff regarding client preferences and their needs. Additionally, there are added services offered for clients within the community that help keep client’s schedules and routines in order. For example, there are caregivers who offer rides to and from doctors appointments or who support a client by taking notes if the client’s Power of Attorney has requested.

These services as well as others are all designed to help everyone involved enjoy peace of mind while aiding in maintaining family balance within senior home care and memory support services.

A Unique Solution

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As referenced above, Rhythms Home Care operates to create support around each individual in their care to keep aging adults in the comfort of their homes as long as possible. Keeping to its mission, Rhythms Home Care provides not only in-home care, but has a unique approach to memory care services.The approach that is taken to this service offering is in line with CLC’s innovative Rhythms method of centering on each person’s natural rhythm of life and adapting to that. The Rhythms philosophy and approach to memory care is deeply rooted in the following principles and beliefs:

  • Innovative programming
  • Intuitive communication
  • Compassion-driven approach
  • Personal connections

The team strives to educate everyone who is living with dementia – including families and communities – so that they feel supported and can provide support to others on the dementia journey by hosting training programs.

Additionally, a new initiative that has been implemented in this program is the use of an “activity bag” for staff to use with clients living with dementia. These bags include checkers, games, colored pencils, adult coloring books, play dough, books, conversation cards and other various games.

In conclusion, aging can be a challenging time of life that can leave older adults feeling isolated and lonely. 

Home Care is a winning solution for a wide range of adults – those recovering from surgery or illness, those needing medical services that don’t have the familiar support to aide with rides or medication, and even those aging adults living with dementia or Alzheimers who may need an extra caregiver to help out as their needs evolve.

At Rhythms Home Care, navigating challenges and keeping folks informed are all a part of the greater mission and vision to honor and celebrate aging in the community.

If you’d like to learn more about how our mission drives every decision at Rhythms Home Care or want to hear more about the available in-home care or memory support services, contact us today!

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Rhythms Home Care offers quality in-home care services for older adults for the Denver area. We are dedicated to keeping you or your loved one independent, at home, as long as safely possible. We support your potential, your possibilities and your success - all in the home you love. We understand your personal rhythms of life and can provide support that is uniquely in-sync with you, keeping you connected and supported at home. We are located in Englewood, Colorado, but we service a wide area that includes Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Stonegate, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and the Denver metro area. We also service areas that include 80112 (where we are located), 80111, 80121, 80122, 80126, 80130, 80124, 80134, 80138, 80015, and more.

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