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Posted: April 18, 2024

Introducing Rhythms Home Care Director of Nursing: Shaundra Holmes

In recent years, the concept of senior home care has gained significant traction as an alternative to traditional healthcare settings and senior living communities. With the rise of aging populations and the desire for more personalized care, senior home care offers a plethora of benefits for individuals seeking comfort, familiarity, and autonomy.

senior home care brushing hairCentral to the success of senior home care services is the presence of experienced leadership, guiding both caregivers and clients through their healthcare journey with expertise and compassion. Rhythms Home Care firmly believes in the power of positive leadership, which is why we’ve hired Shaundra Holmes as the new Rhythms Home Care Director of Nursing!

In this article, we’ll touch on the benefits of senior home care and delve into how Shaundra’s invaluable role as Rhythms Home Care Director of Nursing will evoke experienced leadership for quality care delivery.


The Benefits of Senior Home Care

Personalized Care:

Home care allows individuals to receive tailored assistance based on their specific needs and preferences, fostering a sense of independence and dignity.

Comfort and Familiarity:

Remaining in the comfort of one’s own home promotes emotional well-being and reduces the stress associated with transitioning to unfamiliar environments. Particularly for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s in the earlier stages of cognitive and memory changes. Familiar surroundings and a compassionate care team are crucial to making your loved ones feel safe and heard.

Enhanced Quality of Life:

Whether you are an older adult, someone with a disability, or the caregiver to someone that’s aging or has a disability, life can be complicated. By receiving home care in familiar surroundings, individuals can maintain their routines, social connections, and overall quality of life.


Home Care services are often more affordable than alternative care options, making them a viable choice for individuals seeking quality care without exorbitant expenses.

Flexibility and Convenience:

Rhythms Home Care offers flexible scheduling, personalized assistance, and works to accommodate the needs and preferences of each client and their family. Staff are trained and guided by leadership to design care plans that make the client feel safer and more comfortable.

Services Provided at Rhythms Home Care

senior home care laundryRhythms Home Care is dedicated to supporting this journey by being in tune with your lifestyle. Our trained senior care partners value relationships by focusing on what’s important to you and your family to help provide peace of mind. With non-medical, medical, and transitional services, we support your definition of a successful life.

Non-Medical Home Care

Rhythms Home Care provides peace of mind and support by assisting with these senior home care services:

  • Personal hygiene needs including bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Light housekeeping including linen changes, taking out trash, tidying and more
  • Laundry tasks such as washing, drying, and folding
  • Meal preparation including planning, preparing and/or helping to prepare meals
  • Transportation for picking up prescriptions, shopping, social visits and more
  • Companion care that may increase quality of life through friendship and interaction

Transitional Services

We help get you back in step after a hospital or rehabilitation stay. As always, we will keep the lines of communication open with you and your family to ensure a good transition back to the life you love.

Medical Home Care for Seniors

A registered nurse is on staff overseeing medical home healthcare services including:medication management cleanup pill container

  • Medication management
  • Application or removal of MD Ordered TED hose
  • Application or removal of any sling or splint
  • Catheter care

Impact of Leadership in Senior Home Care: Welcome, Shaundra!

The Value of Experienced leadership in senior home care cannot be understated. From clinical expertise in evidence-based care tailored to each client, to effective coordination between caregivers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders – it takes a compassionate leader to optimize the overall experience for clients.

Shaundra 1Rhythm Home Care’s Director of Nursing, Shaundra Holmes, not only has the aforementioned experience, but has both a passion for advocacy and education as well as a keen instinct to promote continuous improvement in senior home care services.

More about Shaundra:
As a Colorado Native having spent nearly 20 years caring for her local community, Shaundra Holmes joins the team as the new Rhythms Home Care Director of Nursing.

Her nursing career is deep-rooted in Colorado, spanning a variety of settings and patient profiles. Shaundra’s nursing career began in a local Denver nursing home where her love for the senior community was found. Eager for an opportunity to broaden her clinical experience, she then transitioned to the neurology unit at Swedish Medical Center where she immersed herself in the world of hospital nursing.

Life soon took a significant turn for Shaundra that required her to shift her caretaking responsibilities from her patients to her family. Caring for her ailing father battling cancer, attending to her mother’s needs post-surgery, alongside embracing the joys of motherhood after her fourth child, prompted a prolonged leave from work. Despite the career break, the time away from the field granted her invaluable time with her loved ones as well as the perspective of what it takes to care for aging adults.

Shaundra jumped back into nursing right where she left off – in the neurology unit – later transitioning to the role of Employee Health RN at Swedish in 2013. From engaging to new hires and coordinating employee flu vaccine clinics, to imparting essential education on hygiene and injury/infection prevention, Shaundra tackled each responsibility with compassion and empathy.

Shaundra’s experience and expertise led her to a new role of Health Services Coordinator at Colorado Christian University in December 2021.Though department downsizing eliminated Shaundra’s role at CCU, she firmly stands by the belief that, “when God closes one door, He opens another.” This open door led to the opportunity to serve the community of Rhythms Home Care.

In her new role as Director of Nursing at Rhythms Home Care, Shaundra will handle weekly medication management, a task she approaches with meticulous care. Through conducting thorough assessments, obtaining and managing medication orders, and organizing pill boxes and schedules, Shaundra is dedicated to the personalized, most optimal care for each client. Additionally, Shaundra will be able to get to know each client on a deeper level by conducting regular assessments, coordinating medication refills, and providing essential medical services under doctor’s orders such as administering enemas, urinary catheter care, and management of stage 1 to stage 2 pressure wounds.

Beyond her clinical duties as the Rhythms Home Care Director of Nursing, Shaundra finds joy in educating care partners on a variety of topics such as infection prevention, dementia care, and customer service excellence. As a lifelong Colorado resident with a love for gardening, audiobooks, baking and family time with her children and grandchildren, Shaundra brings extensive professional expertise and a nurturing personal touch to her role as Rhythms Home Care Director of Nursing. 

Helpful Family Resources for Senior Home Care

As the demand for senior home care continues to rise, the presence of experienced leadership from professionals like Shaundra becomes increasingly vital in delivering high-quality, compassionate care to individuals in need. By embracing the benefits of home care and recognizing the value of experienced leadership, we can uphold the dignity, independence, and well-being of those we serve, fostering a culture of excellence and compassion in the realm of healthcare.



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